Why Sell With Us?

Director Ron Danieli

We work closely with the largest Real Estate advertisers including www.Domain.com.au, www.RealEstate.com.au, www.realestateworld.com.au and www.JustListed.com.au when marketing your property.

We load up to 21 photos of your property onto these websites which accurately reflect those features that potential buyers are looking for in a home or investment.

Furthermore we have entered into an arrangement with these advertisers and Google to prioritise your listing in order to stand out from all the others.

Your property will appear in the top 5 listings on the first page of any Google search for real estate for sale or for rent via our website.

Electronic brochures of your property are prepared with all the relevant details & photos and these are sent to our huge data base of potential buyers. These electronic brochures are also send to the 1000’s of buyers who are searching the internet and whose criteria match those of your property.

We have effective High Definition Window Display TV’s which market your property to hundreds of 1000’s of passers-by, every day, 24 hours 7 days per week.

Buyers continuously search our window looking for that special property to call their own.

We also display your property on our website as well as on our brochures which we hand out to buyers who attend our office or come through the property during the open for inspections.

Our marketing campaigns are extremely effective and cost efficient which is confirmed by the fact that our properties ALWAYS SELL!

Our marketing campaigns start from as little as $999 until the property is sold.